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Tunable White LED Driver HHC2050L
  • HHC2050L
Tunable White LED Driver HHC2050L
Dual channel tunable white LED driver for accurate white balance and intensity control.
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Model No.HHC2050L
Technical Data
Mains Voltage220~240VAC 50/60Hz
Mains Current0.3-0.25A
Power Factor0.95
Max. Efficiency85%
Dielectric StrengthInput -> Output : 3000VAC
Leakage Current< 0.25mA
Power/Current/ Voltage50W/1.05A/12-48V (can be customized)
Output power handlingChannel 1 (CH1) + Channel 2 (CH2) = 50W max.
Output channel functionCH1 = Cool white   CH2 = Warm White
Ripple Current<3%
Uout Max.70V
Turn-on Time< 0.5s
Operation Temp.Ta: -20~+50°
Case Temp.(Max.)80°C
IP RatingIP20


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