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HBKS03/W&HBKS03/B: Bluetooth Kinetic Switch
  • HBKS01W
HBKS03/W&HBKS03/B: Bluetooth Kinetic Switch
Self-powered+ three-gang switch+ freely placeable
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HBKS03 series is a three-button Bluetooth kinetic switch (self-powered), with a lifespan of 100,000 repeated presses, and available in black and white. It requires no batteries or wiring, offering the flexibility to be freely placed or adhered to according to the needs. Moreover, HBKS03 series features “short press” and “long press” button combinations, allowing to achieve dimming control, scene recall, and quit manual mode through the Koolmesh app. All simple device setup and commissioning can be done via the Koolmesh  app.


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