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HBMW28/PRO: True Occupancy Sensor with Bluetooth 5.0 SIG Mesh
  • HBMW28-Pro
HBMW28/PRO: True Occupancy Sensor with Bluetooth 5.0 SIG Mesh
Bluetooth5.0 + Microwave + standalone motion sensor + True Occupancy
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HBMW28/PRO is a Bluetooth Microwave standalone motion sensor which integrated with Hytronik True occupancy detection technology. The Hytronik True occpancy detection technology works to detect human breathing rather than the mirror movements. No matter if the person sit/stand statically or turns their back to the sensor. The sensor can accurately recognize occupancy and keeps the lights on all the time. It is ideal for typical indoor applications such as classroom, office, healthcare, and other commercial areas. With Bluetooth wireless mesh networking, it makes communication between luminaires much
easier without time-consuming hardwiring, which eventually saves costs for projects (especially for retrofit upgrade projects!). Meanwhile, simple device setup and commissioning can be done via Koolmesh  app.


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