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QCB02 & QCB04: Quick connection box with Bluetooth
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QCB02 & QCB04: Quick connection box with Bluetooth
Bluetooth + quick connection box + Linect + 6 channel outputs + Switch-Dim + on/off + DALI + 0/1-10V + emergency + trailing edge
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QCB02 & QCB04 is a quick connection box, which is adapting “Linect” connection system by providing Wieland/Wago connectors. This box significantly saves labor cost for wirings in real application and this also makes wiring extremely intuitive and easy — just simply plug and play! Users can choose on/off, 0/1-10V, DALI, trailing edge or emergency lighting control for the internal Bluetooth control module, which maximizes the flexibility and provides all types of solutions to fulfill even the most demanding project with lease time and effort!

The terminals of QCB02 & QCB04 are loop-in and loop-out designed and each connection box offers 6 channel outputs. Users can connect one quick connection box to another next quick connection box to extend the channels when necessary. The housing comes with white/black color to choose from. All parameters can be programmed using the App.


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