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HED1045: 45W DALI DT6 Hex-drive + HF/PIR sensor
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HED1045: 45W DALI DT6 Hex-drive + HF/PIR sensor
45W DT6 constant current driver + seperate Bluetooth sensor head + Switch-Dim + Sensor-Dim + 1-10V + DALI
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Hex-drive is the flagship product range of Hytronik LED drivers, designed to integrate various functions for maximizing luminaire design flexibility. This driver series comes with an RJ12 connector which is ready for attaching a wide range of Bluetooth sensor “heads”, ranging from microwave (HF) to PIR, from low-bay to high-bay..


When motion sensor unplugged, HED1045 alone is a standard DALI DT6 compliant driver, possessing 1-10V dimming and Switch-Dim (Push) dimming capabilities as well. All Hex-drive models have multiple current selection feature via DIP-Switch settings.



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