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HCD405/BT: DALI/DALI-2 HF motion sensor
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HCD405/BT: DALI/DALI-2 HF motion sensor
Bluetooth + microwave sensor + 30mA DALI/DALI-2 power supply + human centric lighting + tri-level dimming + daylight harvest + Photocell Advance
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HC405S/BT is a Bluetooth microwave (HF) sensor designed for OEMs to build inside luminaire fixtures. It has a 30mA DALI/DALI-2 power supply built-in. Human centric lighting, tri-level dimming control and daylight harvest control can be inter-changable through the App. All sensor parameters can be programmed through the App. With mesh network, HC405S/BT serves as a perfect replacement for traditional RF solutions. The Hytronik patented technology “Photocell Advance” ensures that dalight control is always prior to motion detection. On the strucrture design we offer two different directions for the screw holes. Another highlight is that this sensor uses a very “robust” HF antenna, which can withstand different types of wireless interferences in real life (e.g. 5G wifi, GSM tower, Bluetooth signal, RF signal etc..) and ensure the sensor to work accurately and stably.


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