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HCD049/BT: DALI PIR Motion Sensor with Bluetooth 5.0 SIG Mesh
  • HCD049-BT
HCD049/BT: DALI PIR Motion Sensor with Bluetooth 5.0 SIG Mesh
PIR sensor +Bluetooth + DALI output + high-bay
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HCD049/BT is a Bluetooth DALI high-bay PIR motion sensor, with capability of up to 15m installation height. HCD049/BT has a daylight sensor built-in, and is specifically designed for mounting onto a batten style luminaire. It is also designed for professional lighting manufactures who would like to incorporate wireless control into their luminaires. HCD049/BT is suitable for any typical indoor applications such as office, classroom, car park, warehouse and other commercial/industrial areas. With Bluetooth wireless mesh networking, it makes communication much easier without any hardwiring, which eventually adds values to luminaires and saves costs for projects. Meanwhile, simple device setup and commissioning can be done via Koolmesh app.


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