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HBIR36 & HBIR36/H: Trailing-edge output PIR sensor
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HBIR36 & HBIR36/H: Trailing-edge output PIR sensor
Bluetooth + PIR sensor + tri-level dimming + daylight harvest + two trailing edge channel outputs + high-bay
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HBHC36 and HBHC36/H is a Bluetooth stand-alone PIR sensor. The product has two seperate trailing edge channel outputs. All sensor parameters can be programmed through the App, and users can freely choose tri-level control dimming/daylight harvest in the App settings. The sensor also has a daylight sensor (ALS) sensor built in. Another highlight of this product is that a variety of accessory options are availble to choose from (such as different PIR lens, different blind shapes, and ceiling-mount box), which provide great flexibility in real application.


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