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Bluetooth demo suitacase
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Bluetooth demo suitacase
Demostration Suitcase with a complete Bluetooth 5.0 eco-system built-in! The products included are HBEM01,HED8045/BT,HIR07,HBHC25,HCD038/BT,HIR05,SAM20,HC005S/BT,HBTD8200D/F,HBP02,HBTD8200T,HIR60,HBGW01,HCD049/BT
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A demostration box with a complete Bluetooth 5.0 eco-system built-in, including:

  • Bluetooth emergency driver+sensor combo
  • Bluetooth 45W tunable white LED driver
  • Bluetooth gateway
  • Bluetooth stand-alone PIR motion sensor
  • Bluetooth detechable design HF/PIR sensor
  • Bluetooth built-in design HF motion sensor
  • Bluetooth touch panel
  • Bluetooth dimmer & controller module


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