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KMB01: Bluetooth 5.0 SIG mesh module (customizable)
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KMB01: Bluetooth 5.0 SIG mesh module (customizable)
Bluetooth (Koolmesh) + 5.0 SIG mesh module + highly customizable
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KMB01 is ideally to be integrated into LED drivers, sensors,
panels and different lighting control applications. It is
designed based on Bluetooth low energy SoC nRF52832,
which is the most widely-used chip for Bluetooth to send and
receive signal. The signal covers up to 50m in the open air, the
module can work as both a transmitter or a receiver.

KMB01 controls smart device to organize wireless mesh
network via Bluetooth, enabling a large number of lighting
fixtures to be controlled and commissioned by a same App.
External gateway device is not required.

By using its 19 general purpose I/O pins, user can interface
the module with different external components, such as LED
drivers, motion sensors, PWM circuits and DALI controls.


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