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HIM98: 1-10V Dual-sense (HF+PIR) sensor (IP65)
  • HIM98-&-84-1
  • HIM98-&-84-2
  • HIM98-&-84-3
HIM98: 1-10V Dual-sense (HF+PIR) sensor (IP65)
Bluetooth + daul-sense (HF+PIR) + high-bay + 1-10V + relay + tri-level dimming + daylight harvest + IP65
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HIM98 is a Bluetooth high-bay dual-sense (HF+PIR) sensor with IP65 design. It is 1-10V dimmable and it has a relay built-in. Tri-level control and daylight harvest control can be inter-changable through the App. The sensor also has a daylight sensor (ALS) sensor built in. The product offers three form factors for different installation methods, and provides various lens & blind options.


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