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HER1445 45W tunable white LED driver with circadian rhythm
  • HER1445
HER1445 45W tunable white LED driver with circadian rhythm
45W tunable white LED driver, human centric lighting, circadian rhythm system
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Model No. HER1445
45W Tunable White LED Driver
Circadian Rhythm Lighting
LED Layout
Multiple LED Current Selections
Light Brightness and CCT Adjust by 0-10V


Technical Data
Mains voltage 120~277VAC 60Hz
Mains current 350mA~180mA
Mains power 40W @ 120VAC; 51W @ 277VAC
Output voltage(U-out max.) 75VDC
Power factor ≥0.95 (120VAC); ≥0.9 (277VAC)
Operation temperature Ta: -20~+45℃ Tc: 85℃
Output power /current /voltage (@120VAC) 3~20W /350mA /10V~56V        5~28W /500mA /10V~56V

7~35W /700mA /10V~50V        9~36W /900mA /10V~40V

10~36W/1050mA /10V~34V    12~34W/1200mA /10V~28V

Output power /current /
voltage (@277VAC)
3~20W /350mA /10V~56V            5~28W /500mA /10V~56V

7~40W /700mA /10V~56V            9~45W /900mA /10V~50V

10~42W/1050mA /10V~40V        12~40W/1200mA /10V~34V

Max. Efficiency ≥87%
Abnormal protection Output short-circuit protection with auto-reset.
Over-heat protection Automatic output reduction 80%–60%–40%–20% against overheat
EMC standard FCC Part 15B
Safety standard UL8750
Certification cULus listed
IP grade IP20

HER1445 + SAM5-DH -U


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