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HED7030/BT: 30W Bluetooth LED driver + HF/PIR sensor
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HED7030/BT: 30W Bluetooth LED driver + HF/PIR sensor
30W Bluetooth driver + seperate motion sensor head + Bluetooth App dimmable + two Switch-Dim inputs + Sensor-Dim
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HED7030/BT is Bluetooth dimming LED driver + sensor head in detached design with maximum power output of 30W. Such detached design is flexible with optional motion detection for lighting manufacturers.  This driver series comes with an RJ12 connector which is ready for attaching a wide range of Bluetooth sensor “heads”, ranging from microwave (HF) to PIR, from low-bay to high-bay..

With sensor head unattached, HED7030/BT is solely a Bluetooth LED driver; with sensor head attached, it becomes a 30W LED driver + sensor combo.


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