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HBP02: Touch Panel
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HBP02: Touch Panel
Bluetooth + touch panel + real-time keeping + 4 scenes + clean mode + sensor take over + vibration + beeper
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HBP02 is a Bluetooth wall touch panel, which is designed to fit inside a juction box. The touch panel is very power, it does not only offers on/off control, brightness dimming control, color tuning control; but also provide 4 different scene buttons for users to freely set on their own. Additionally the touch panel offers sensor take over key and clean mode (lock mode) with very easy access.

There is also a real-time keeper inside the panel, which can keep the real time for up to 7-8 weeks against power failure/cut. This ensure perfect time synchronization to a whole Bluetooth network. The panel offers 3 ways of indication — LED indication, vibration upon touch & beeper. All these indication methods can be enabled/disabled in the app.


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