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HBEM038: DALI-to Bluetooth Converter/Translator Module
  • HBEM038
HBEM038: DALI-to Bluetooth Converter/Translator Module
DALI/Bluetooth convertor + microwave motion sensor + PIR sensor + emergency
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HBEM038 is a DALI/Bluetooth convertor with 30mA DALI power supply built-in, which converts a standard DALI/DALI2 emergency driver output to Bluetooth output. It can work with a wide range of microwave and PIR sensor heads by plug and play. All the emergency data and emergency working modes can be set in the Koolmesh platform. Other features with Bluetooth also include monthly/quarterly/yearly self-test, automatic report generation, automatic email notification when detecting fault, real-time site alert, retrievable usage data and history records etc…


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