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HDD2200 DALI Dimmer
  • HDD2200-1
  • HDD2200
HDD2200 DALI Dimmer
Convert DALI control signal to trailing edge driver or transformer
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1. The current version product might have a potential risk of compatibility issue with 3rd party DALI gateways or DALI masters, Hytronik cannot guarantee it will be fully compatible with all the 3rd party DALI gateways or DALI masters. Therefore, before a mass quantity orders has been placed, customers need to make a full compatibility test between these products and their own 3rd party DALI gateways or DALI masters to make sure the product is working properly and no such compatibility issue. Otherwise, the potential compatibility risk and responsibility shall be taken by the customers themselves. Hytronik’s Guarantee policy will not be applied to this.


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